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Texas Plant & Soil Lab Order Forms Basics


Print out forms to mail in with soil sample: https://www.tpslab.com/images/PDFs/TPS-LAB-SOIL-TEST-SINGLE-SAMPLE.pdf.
Be sure you click on “Organic Growing” Recommendations.

Fee Schedule: https://www.tpslab.com/images/PDFs/TPSL-Consolidated-Fee-Schedule.pdf.

Mandatory test, SO-03: http://soilkits.com/so03.html. $88 “TPSL Plant Natural Test”. Basic soil test for pH, nutrients, major minerals, % organic matter.

Must have this report to understand above’s test results, SAO-00: https://www.soilkits.com/sademuwrofin.html. $20.00 Detailed multi-page write-up of Interpretations & Recommendations for the Plant Natural Test.

Optional test, SAO-01: http://soilkits.com/sao01.html. $35 Soil Microbe Health.

How to take a soil sample: https://www.tpslab.com/images/PDFs/how-to-take-a-soil-sample.pdf.

So that is $108.00 for the test or $143.00 with the optional test.