Summer Services


We use a mechanical core aerator for the best aeration method possible. This reduces soil compaction, improves drainage and increases microbial activity in the soil.

Core aeration removes plugs from the soil and deposits them on the ground. To some the cores may ruin the appearance of the lawn, but only temporary as watering and mowing will eventually break down the plugs.

Aeration will help with your watering bill since the water will flow easily below ground level where it is needed. Once the machine opens up the thousands of holes you will have thousands of cups that will hold water out of the sunlight and in cooler soils minimizing evaporation.

Because you are removing thatch lodged at the top of the plug that is being removed you are also removing chinch bugs hiding in the thatch. Because you will have thousands of cores that will be open and able to retain moisture for long periods (as opposed to water sitting on soil surface where it may evaporate) causing the dry loving chinch bug to just go away.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control starts with cleanliness. A service we provide is ensuring that all gutters, downspouts and drain systems are clean and free flowing. When possible mosquito donuts containing BtI is placed in drains to allow the bacteria to activate and infect mosquito larvae breeding areas.

Once breeding areas are minimized, periodic sprayings using low rates of Botanical insecticides that kill adult mosquitoes as they repose on upright surfaces maintain adult populations to acceptable levels. There will always be migrating pest, but the lawn will not be overrun.