Questions about Rohde's Chemical Free Lawn Care

What is the Chemical Free Lawn Care program?

The CFLC program is a comprehensive lawn and landscape maintenance service designed to address the specific needs of your turf, landscape plants and trees through the application of environmentally acceptable fertilizer ammendments to remedy undesirable situations that may be present and to ultimately increase the health of your landscape. Service is available year round.

What products and methods are used?

Only organic products and methods are used such as Green Sense and comparable products in granule or liquid form depending on your gardening needs.

How do I get started?

Call 972-864-1934 or email Rohde's Landscape Nursery and ask for a Chemical Free Care analysis. A program consultant will arrange to come to your home for a nominal fee of $45.00. If the square footage is known and you do not want a price for the applications, call us or email the information and we can reply with a quote without a consultation fee.

What does the consultant do?

The consultant will assess your unique landscape situation and needs. The turf, landscape beds and trees will be inspected for insect and disease problems and their possible causes. Compaction of the soil will be tested using a "pentrometer." A visual inspection of the entire property will be made and all beds and turf will be measured. After which a customized report identifying all of the observations made during the visit will be sent to you recommending the application of appropriate fertilizers and amandments to remedy landscape problems and to improve the soil's health as well as suggestions on ways to eliminate undesirable conditions in the landscape. A cost estimate for the recommended services will be in the report.

After I begin the program, do I ever hear from the consultant again?

Yes. The consultant will contact you before and after each application service. It is important that you receive the services you want and that all services are done according to your expectations. The consultant can also coordinate any other landscape services that you may need from time to time.