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Rohde's Products

Green Sense Products

Rohde's offers our own unique line of organic gardening products to help enrich your soil, to help protect your plants from pest and disease, and to help you create a beautiful, healthy landscape without the potential harm of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. You can buy our products online at

Other Organic Products

This includes high quality products from respected venders, that along with our Green Sense products, completes our line of organic products you will need to supply your plants, gardens, and landscape with the best possible growing conditions.

Organic Pest Control

We carry a comprehensive line of organic pest and disease control products to help you control most problems you will find on your plants, inside or outside your home. This includes beneficial insects, along with organic chemical products. While organic pest control products are normally safer to you and the environment, some do kill and can be harmful if used improperly. It is mandatory to follow product instructions as you would any pest control product.

Native & Adapted Plants

Come visit our store for a wide selection of native Texas trees, vines, shrubs, grasses, herbs, flowers, and other well adapted annuals and perennials, chosen for our Dallas, Texas USDA hardiness Zone 8 climate with a predominant blackland prairie clay soil. Availablity is determend by unusal weather, time of year, and popularity, but we still may be able to locate your special requests, so check with us first.

Natural Pet Products

As with kids, if you care enough to have pets, you must worry about their health. This means giving them the best foods and treats you can afford. We carry some of the best product lines around. Known quality and confirmed sources of ingrediants, are among the requirments we use in picking what we sell. Domestically sourced ingrediants, no questionable by-products, and less problematic grains, are manditory. Some are organic, some are grain free, some include holistic herbs and fruits, but all producers take into consideration variety, live stages, allergies, and other health issues your pets could have. While these smaller, premium products cost more than the mass market brands, the need for less feeding of quality food and our normally low prices, can make our seletions quite ecomomical to most everyone. Come in to see our specially selected pet supplies also.

Wild Bird Products

We carry a unique selection of bird baths, and bird houses. A wide selection of wild bird food, with some available as mixes or as single ingrediants, and in sizes from 1 pound to 50 pound bags depending on the product. We also have a nice selection of quality bird feeders, and accessories, in a wide price range. We can accommadate any bird living here or just passing through. And we haven't forgotten your squirrels if they are hungry.

Nature Gifts

Our buyer works hard finding "nature" oriented giftware, that you will not normally find elsewhere. Pets, birds, and various crawlly things, are all taken into consideration. We also carry t-shirts, hats, tools, rain gauges, and other gardening supplies and gifts. The theory is, if the buyer likes it, you should too. Come by reqularly to get first pick of our continuously changing selection.