Here’s a selection of photos showing some of Rohde’s unique gift items.

Our buyer searches long and hard for unique items you don’t normally see elsewhere. While this is a good idea for a specialty store, this is how she shops for herself, too. If it’s something she really likes for the price, everyone else should like it too. She specifically looks for items of high creativity, artistry, and quality with reasonable prices, or just if it’s “cute”. I’m her brother. I have to help assemble her display cabinets. There’s still one in her garage for over a year I haven’t gotten to yet, so don’t bring this up. She likes to help with ideas for new creations, with artists making items on a cottage industry bases, so we may be the first to acquire new stuff on some lines of gifts. If you are looking for gifts picked out with a personal touch, this is it.

You need to come in on a regular bases to see the largest selections before they are sold out. If you have seen something in the past you don’t see now, we can take your requests and can notify you if and when we can reorder it. And NO, I will not help assemble your display cabinets!

A sampling of the extensive line of “Beaded” animals we have. These are designed by a woman here in the US who goes to rural villages in China and Africa to teach them to start their own cottage businesses making these things. The design is truly artistic and the craftsmanship is beyond what I could do. They are made of galvanized wire and glass beads, so they can go outside, but I would use them in a sheltered place. Most people put them in a sunny spot indoors to shine in the light.

Lovely decorative ceramic tiles

Some of our many creative garden stakes

You just can’t help but smile at these…

…and at these little cuties, too!

Concrete rabbit. One of many casted concrete statues, wall hangings, and bird baths we have for outside in the garden, or for indoors too. Amazing detail for concrete I think! Made by local independent artists. They say the molds don’t last forever so some of these designs are of a limited basis.

Concrete pig in the cabbage. I think she has piglets following her around too. You will have to buy the whole family of course.

Sit down and relax in your garden, and listen to the soothing sounds of your fountain and chimes.

Some of the many and ever changing T-shirts we carry.

Tula gardening hats.

We have a wide selection of bird and squirrel food. Here’s a sampling, along with some of our bird feeders and bird houses.

Doggie treats and kitty kibble.

Come by to see what else we have and to see new items.