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Rohde's Organic Landscaping Services was one of the first landscape and maintenance services in the Dallas area to carry only organic fertilizers and employ pest control using beneficial insects, microorganisms and bacteria products. As a result, our knowledge in the use of organic gardening techniques has over twenty five years of practical experience.

Store hours of operations:
Monday through Friday: 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Closed Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's day
We usually close early at 3:00 pm on or before other holidays; Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Mother's day, Father's day, Halloween. Call to be sure.

Organic Maintenance Services

The Rohde's business was founded in the landscape maintenance business. In the Dallas area, we offer quality organic landscape maintenance services including organic fertilizing, lawn mowing, edging, cleanup, tree and shrub pruning, bed mulching, lawn aeration and top dressing with compost, organic pest and disease control, and any other needs you may have. We also offer the critical task of safely exposing tree root flares, by using our Air Spade.

For additional information, see our "Services" menu tab at the top and bottom of this page.

Landscape and Hardscape Design and Installation

We offer landscape design and installation, specializing in Texas Native Plants, but including other suitable plants, trees, shrubs, and groundcover for the Dallas, Texas and the surrounding North Central Texas area.

Hardscape design and installation encompasses most any feature you desire. We do impressive work with fences, stone or brick walkways and retaining walls, and are very experienced in wood patios, decks, covers, water ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. We are skilled in brick work, concrete work, metal work, stone work, tile work, and woodwork.

Please call the store for questions on consultation and design fees, and for setting up appointments. For additional information, see our "Services" menu tab at the top and bottom of this page.

New Announcements

July Sale at Rohde’s!!!
From now to the end of July:

GreenSense 6-2-4 All Purpose Lawn & Garden Fertilizer
Is Now

$24.00 a 40lb bag

That’s 17.212832% off reg price of $28.99!!!

(I still claim ignorance on who came up with that amount.)



Our Organic Pest and Disease Control Products

and our Bagged and Bottled Soil Amendments

in our store are

20% off.


In an attempt to further our clearance of plants, we will give away any plant we have left with a donation to


Family Gateway




Family Gateway is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Mayor Annette G. Strauss in 1986.


Their mission is to provide stability and life-changing supportive services to children and families affected by homelessness. Last year, they served 387 families including 818 children in their emergency shelter and supportive housing programs.



Further information to sell you on Summer Fertilizing:


If you’ve heard you are not supposed to fertilize your lawn in the summer heat, ignore that when using organic fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers feed the plants directly. If they are not coated or formulated to be slow or controlled release, they dump the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium chemicals they are mostly made from (the NPK on the label), all at once on the plants. The grass explodes with growth and swell up big, plump, and green. This is what everyone likes to see to know they have done something good for their lawn.


This fast growth doesn’t allow the plant’s internal defense chemistry to keep up and the bugs and diseases know this. Chinch bugs are the big problem in the heat of summer and to avoid them, “they” say to not fertilize.(chemically). Organics feed the soil microbes first. The microbes release nutrients the plants can then use. This middle-man makes organic fertilizers slow release and allows the plants to grow slowly and stronger. This everyone knows is how fertilizing should be done. So synthetic fertilizer is coated to slow down the release. Not all of the fertilizer is coated as this cost too much. And in the heat of our summer it may still breaks down quickly.


Rohde’s 6-2-4 GreenSense All Purpose Lawn and Garden Fertilizer gives you the slow release for healthier plants, promotes soil life which is the foundation of organics, and supplies much more than a few chemicals. It is made a variety of organic products used in the livestock feed industry to supply the nitrogen and phosphorus, along with naturally or synthetic derived source of potassium with the purity for acceptance as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA. Products that contained the minerals, proteins, and enzymes needed for life, as it comes from life. This makes organic fertilizer much more complete.


As you may have noticed from the name “All Purpose”, this fertilizer is good on everything. It is held in a pellet form with molasses for easy spreading in a “cyclone” type spreader, one that has the paddle wheel underneath to sling the pellets around the yard. Of course it will work great in drop spreaders or just “chicken feeding” by hand too. The pellets melt quickly with little watering making it good for gardens. By this I mean instead of getting on your knees to brush the wood mulch away from your plants to “side dress” the roots with fertilizer each month, I just throw it on top of the mulch to let it dissolve into the soil eventually and save my knees for other things, like walking.


So spread and throw handfuls of GreenSense fertilizer over grass, shrubs, around trees, and in all of your gardens. Vegetable and annual gardens need fertilizing once a month with granular organic fertilizers. Lawns with trees and shrub fertilize every 3 or 4 months or spring and fall at least. Native planting may not need any fertilizing though, particularly if you mulch with compost once or twice a year.


Make a Plan!

If you are thinking of adding a hardscape feature to your yard this year, please call us to see how much it will cost for us to help you.

We have time now to get started quickly, and the weather’s nice for working!

For more information see our “Services” menu tab at the top and bottom of this page.

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