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Welcome to Rohde's Organic Landscape Services

Rohde's Organic Landscape Services was one of the first landscape and maintenance services in the Dallas area to carry only organic fertilizers and pest control using beneficial insects, microorganisms and bacteria products.
As a result, our knowledge in the use of organic gardening techniques has over twenty five years of practical experience.

A Notice for Those Experiencing Landscape Storm Damage This Fall & Winter:

Rohde’s Organic Landscaping can repair your fence, properly prune damaged shrubs and trees, replace those plants beyond saving, cleanup debris, and repair sod damage. We have over 40 years’ experience with stone, rock, and pavestone along with most other landscape feature you may have found damaged by storms. We offer very competitive prices, so call us for a free estimate. We are fully insured for your protection and ours.

Brown Patch Disease of Lawns


Another common problem with general fall weather conditions or to just shady parts of your lawn is Brown Patch fungal disease. St. Augustine seems to be most affected, but the other warm season grasses can get it too. The fungus kills the grass blades where they come out of the runners, but it doesn’t kill the roots. So the grass can come back when the weather warms up in the summer and causes the fungus to go dormant. It normally leaves patchy brown spots in your lawn. It starts in the worst draining parts or shadier part, but can spread to the rest of the lawn as long as weather conditions are favorable. Even though the grass may grow back, so will plenty of weeds in the bare spots.

We have an organic based mineral supplement and fertilizer combination along with a fungicide that are based on the latest research to work well in controlling brown patch. We have notice quick results in treated brown patch lawns so far. Brown Patch usually starts in the wet weather conditions of fall, but may not be noticed until the lawn comes out of winter dormancy in the spring. The fungus doesn’t die in the winter and will continue to spread in the spring too. Treatment now will be the most effective.

Once you have it, it doesn’t go away, and may come back each year if you don’t improve your soil conditions. By also using a good slow release granular organic fertilizers every 3 or 4 months, doing an organic soil test with Texas Soil & Plant Labs to ensure your mineral balance is good, aerating your lawn on an annual bases, top dressing with a good quality compost like Cotton Bur Compost when you can, and using disease resistant lawn grasses like Tam-Star St. Augustine, you can have the best control over lawn disease and pests. We can do any or all of the treatments for you. Call for a free assessment.

Additional information:

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Organic Maintenance Services

The Rohde's business was founded in the landscape maintenance business. In the Dallas area, we offer quality organic landscape maintenance services including organic fertilizing, lawn mowing, edging, cleanup, tree and shrub pruning, bed mulching, lawn aeration and top dressing with compost, organic pest and disease control, and any other needs you may have. We follow proven management techniques for the care of your landscape.

Landscape and Hardscape Design and Installation

We offer landscape design and installation, specializing in Texas Native Plants, but including other suitable plants, trees, shrubs, and groundcover for the Dallas, Texas and the surrounding North Central Texas area.

Hardscape design and installation encompasses most any feature you desire. We do impressive work with fences, stone or brick walkways and retaining walls, and are very experienced with wood patios, decks, covers, water ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. We are skilled in working with brick, concrete, metal, stone, tile, and wood.

So if you like the idea of a potentially less toxic environment for yourself, your pet, and kids, or need a new look to your yard, give us a call! 972-864-1934 or grohde@greensense.net. We will help you with questions on consultation and design fees, and for setting up appointments.

For additional information, see our "Services" menu tab at the top and bottom of this page.

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