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Rohde's Organic Landscaping Services was one of the first landscape and maintenance services in the Dallas area to carry only organic fertilizers and employ pest control using beneficial insects, microorganisms and bacteria products. As a result, our knowledge in the use of organic gardening techniques has over twenty five years of practical experience.

Store hours of operations:
Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's day
We usually close early at 3:00 pm on or before other holidays; Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Mother's day, Father's day, Fourth of July, Halloween. Call to be sure.

Organic Maintenance Services

The Rohde's business was founded in the landscape maintenance business. In the Dallas area, we offer quality organic landscape maintenance services including organic fertilizing, lawn mowing, edging, cleanup, tree and shrub pruning, bed mulching, lawn aeration and top dressing with compost, organic pest and disease control, and any other needs you may have. We also offer the critical task of safely exposing tree root flares, by using our Air Spade.

For additional information, see our "Services" menu tab at the top and bottom of this page.

Landscape and Hardscape Design and Installation

We offer landscape design and installation, specializing in Texas Native Plants, but including other suitable plants, trees, shrubs, and groundcover for the Dallas, Texas and the surrounding North Central Texas area.

Hardscape design and installation encompasses most any feature you desire. We do impressive work with fences, stone or brick walkways and retaining walls, and are very experienced in wood patios, decks, covers, water ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. We are skilled in brick work, concrete work, metal work, stone work, tile work, and woodwork.

Please call the store for questions on consultation and design fees, and for setting up appointments. For additional information, see our "Services" menu tab at the top and bottom of this page.

New Announcements

As of Thursday February 15th, plants will no longer be on sale. Regular pricing will be in effect. //
The remaining giftware, bird, and dog foods and supplies, is still 50% off.

We will continue the retail sale of fertilizers, mulches, compost, soil amendments, pest and disease controls products including GreenSense products at our current store at their normal retail prices.
The exception is..
50 lb Bags of Dry Molasses and Corn Gluten Meal is 20% Now!
Just in time for February pre-emergent and fertilizing.

Our new store hours:
Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday.

We are focusing on: organic lawn maintenance & fertilizing, landscape design & installations, and hardscape design & construction. See the "Services" menu tab at the top and bottom of this page or click here for more information on the work we do: Rohdes Services We Offer

One of the services we offer is Organic Dormant Oil Spraying. The end of January and first half of February is THE time to do dormant oil spraying of your more pest and disease susceptible trees and plants. As of Wednesday February the 14th, I don't see deciduous plants buding out and with a couple of days of new cold weather, you may still have time to do this next week. Dormant Oil spraying is an easy, safe, and very effective way to stop or slow down the population of many insect pest and some diseases in your landscape. This is mandatory for most fruit and nut trees, crape myrtles, roses, and many plants that have problems with aphids, scale, tent caterpillars, and powdery mildew for example.

Cleanup of fallen leaves, replacement of mulch, and adding a top dressing of compost will also help control and remove insects and disease that overwinter in the soil and litter under susceptible plants.

Click here for more information and call or email us to sign up for this service: Rohde’s Organic Dormant Oil Treatment

Make a Plan!

If you are thinking of adding a hardscape feature to your yard this year, please call us to see how much it will cost for us to help you.

We have time now to get started quickly, and the weather’s nice for working!

For more information see our “Services” menu tab at the top and bottom of this page.

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